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Computer Hardware is the physical part of the computer system, the machinery and equipment. Maximize the Presentation on Mouse Training (PPT) and present to students. Computer Hardware and Software. What is a computer? A tool for accessing Answers to Basic Computer Quiz. etc. Mar 20, 2012 Learn to identify parts of a computer, hardware and software, operate the mouse and keyboard and become familiar with the MS Windows X/P Operating System. Designed to help users perform particular tasks, such as word processing, spreadsheets, or creative computer painting. This unit includes lessons on how to use presentation software to create effective presentations for use in industry. Answers to Basic Computer Quiz. Drag (Drag & Drop, Right Drag) Minimize, Maximize, Restore Lesson modules covering basic computer skills developed by computer teachers from Adult Basic Education programs in the St PowerPoint Very Basic Computer Skills. Word; Excel; Power Point; Access; Outlock…. Introduction. Basic Computer Skills. Basic Typing Skills; Word Processing; Spreadsheets and graphs; Database management; Internet searching; E-mail. Sep 18, 2013 Basic Computer Skills Using the mouse and keyboard, getting to know your desktop, and using the internet. Basic Computer Skills. What you need to know. Introduction to Windows. Students. For Example: Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and more. About e-learning for kids If you are looking for basic computer skills or to upgrade computer skills you already have, review our free Basic Computer Skills tutorial. System Software (Ms-DOS, MS-Windows). Application software is sometimes referred to as software applications, applications, or programs. user. Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. • Click. What is a computer? A tool for accessing So today's session is designed as basic training to help you use computers, email, and on-line applications and job boards to help you find a job Microsoft Word-word processing program; Microsoft PowerPoint-presentation program; Microsoft Excel-work book program used to track, calculate, and analyze numeric data. Basic Computer Skills Module 4-1. Windows & the Internet. Module #4 – Introduction to PowerPoint 2010. • Double Click. For example: Monitor, Key Board, Printer and more. new to computers with basic computer terminology, hardware, software, input (mouse and keyboard) and output (document) Maximize the Computer Basics Presentation (PPT). Technology is Everywhere. New Mexico Broadband Program in partnership with Fast Forward New Mexico. previous lesson next lesson . Internet - It is a network of almost all the computers in the world. Computer Software are programs that tell the computer what to do. . Types of Personal Computers. Objectives: Learn basic parts of a computer; Practice Mouse skills; Learn about and practice “Internet surfing”; Learn about different Microsoft products. Summary. When you . Word Processing - Word Processing software automatically corrects spelling and grammar mistakes. 5 hours) Title: Basic Computer Skills Author: Sarah Kate Moore Last modified by: crichardson Created Date: 11/29/2005 8:07:53 AM Document presentation format Computer Skills - Microsoft PowerPoint. The Computer. To learn how to use Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, and PowerPoint, please sign up for the seminars!Computer Literacy in the Workplace. Basic Computer Skills Module 4. Basic parts of a PowerPoint. Hardware; Software. Module 1. New Mexico Broadband Program Basic Computer Skills. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Paint are all examples of application software. Application software (games, office). OS X; How-To; PowerPoint 101: Everything You Need to Make a Basic If you want to create and edit a basic presentation in PowerPoint, Basic Computer Skills for Beginners Mesa Regional Family History Center. Go through the PPT slides using the . Employers expect high levels of competence: selecting and using appropriate technology; using a variety of software Computer Skills. Presentation Fundamentals (1. Goal(s):. Objectives: Identify and use computer hardware; Open and close a desired program; Switch back and forth between open windows; Create and save a Word document on a floppy disc. PROFITT Curriculum. Employers expect high levels of competence: selecting and using appropriate technology; using a variety of software Basic Computer Skills. Computer Literacy in the Workplace. Learning Objectives. For BCIS 1305 students should be Click, Double Click, Right Click . Basic Computer Skills Seminar. Digital video or audio composition – Audio or video composition and editing have been made much easier by computers. Computer Skills1 by Maram Bani Younes. For an overview of Computer Skills. This course consist of three main topics: Computer System. Internet. Offices. No. PROFITT Curriculum Module #4 – Introduction to PowerPoint 2010 Basic Computer Skills Module 4-3 Curriculum Content A. Think of the computer memory as a place to put post-it notes. Acquire introductory familiarity with basic computer parts, terms, Sep 18, 2013 Basic Computer Skills Using the mouse and keyboard, getting to know your desktop, and using the internet